The Magic of the Aeropress

Similar to a French press, an AeroPress is a push-coffee-grounds-against-a-filter system. The difference between the two is that the AeroPress takes under a minute to make a cup of coffee. The process also allows for lower-temperature water while brewing, which leads to a less acidic cup of coffee. The main goal is to make an espresso, but by mixing in milk, you can make cappuccinos and other drinks too.

The process is fairly straightforward and not too different from a French press. You grind up your coffee beans about as much as you would for drip brewing. Then, you stick it in the AeroPress, push down for about 45 seconds, and out comes the coffee.

Everything that comes in the AeroPress starter set

One of the biggest hassles of using a French press is having the hard-to-clean coffee grounds stuck on your filter and sometimes some remains left behind. When you push the coffee grounds through the AeroPress, they are compacted and can just be scraped right off — there’s no filter that needs to be cleaned each time. However, the AeroPress does require reusable filters, but they don’t cost very much and you get plenty when you buy the kit.

The Process

Place one of the filters inside of the filter holder.

AeroPress base with filter

Attach the filter holder onto the base of the AeroPress.

Place the coffee grounds inside the base.

Place the base over your vessel of choice.

Using 80-85°C water

Pour the hot water into the base and stir it for about 10 seconds, then take the other presser, slowly push down for about 30 seconds, and out comes the coffee.


After the grounds cool for about 15 minutes, they will stays tightly packed together and can be disposed . The rest of the cleanup is just rinsing off the base and the pusher which takes about 30 seconds.

If you’re looking to upgrade your coffee experience without the hassle of having to clean a lot, grind your own beans, or waiting for your coffee then the AeroPress is what you need!







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