Feeling sad? Had a recent breakup? Craving for something that’ll make you happy again? Why not try Love Me Sweet’s classic Japanese cheesecake! Or read about my experience instead


This week, I had the opportunity to try –for the first time in forever– Love Me Sweet’s signature original cheesecake at Square One. I was puzzled by its smooth and silky texture when I put one piece in my mouth. One became two, and two became four. I was completely drawn aback by its elegant and rich taste. It was around $12 for a whole cake – which, by the way, is a pretty okay price. No complaints there, comparing the quality of the cake to price. This cake is like the one at Uncle Tetsu’s in that it has the same rich and creamy feel. It’s just that in Love Me Sweet’s cake, the cheese and milk is much more prominent than in the other where it completely blends in with the cake. For some of us, that might just be our cup of tea. However, it was a bit dry, probably because I ate it a day after BUT I’m sticking to Love Me Sweet, for now, because of their impeccable service that day. They were patient, did everything I asked for, and even when it was eight o’clock, was still smiling and kindly asking for my order. There was also no line-up, so I was completely satisfied with no wait time! 😊 I r8 8.5/10 m8. Oh! I forgot to add, but their store’s interior design is an absolute A++!