Elaine Wong

    • Casual
    • Love/hate relationship with spicy food
    • Prefers drinking to eating because chewing is too much effort

Rick Zhang

  • The man who makes 20-minute brownies in 10 minutes
  • Lasagna trusts him

Elisa Lou

  • Will drive far distances to have awesome soup dumplings
  • Huge fan of tiramisu and crème brulée
  • Appreciates restaurants with good service

Nancy Schäper

  • Never says no to desserts
  • Favourite cuisine: Italian
  • Atypical German: doesn’t like beer but keeps trying

Charlotte Tsui

  • Likes soy sauce
  • Forever patisserie-hopping
  • Will buy candy with AKB48’s faces on it



Jon Gilmer – VP Communications

MASc Candidate

  • Can’t live without: hamburgers
  • Hates drinking: honeydew bubble tea
  • Relationship with food: more of a cake with icing and not an icing with cake guy


Nathan Tsang

Master of Accounting (MAcc)

  • Can’t live without: bubble tea
  • Hates drinking: carrot juice
  • Relationship with food: can’t stand the texture of coconuts and mangoes


Christine Williams 

4B English: Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communications

  • Can’t live without: stir-fry
  • Hates drinking: coffee
  • Relationship with food: I wake up so I can eat food


Jenny Kim

4B Computer Science

  • Can’t live without: corn
  • Hates drinking: plain coconut water and beer
  • Relationship with food: healthy food is life, Asian food is love