Christine Williams – Editor/President

4A English: Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communications

  • Can’t live without: stir-fry
  • Hates drinking: coffee
  • Relationship with food: I wake up so I can eat food


Nina Cui – Co Editor

4B Honours Environmental Science

  • Can’t live without: tomatos
  • Hates drinking: mint shakes
  • Relationship with food: codependant


Jenny Kim – Writer/Communications

4A Computer Science

  • Can’t live without: corn
  • Hates drinking: plain coconut waterloo and beer
  • Relationship with food: healthy food is life, Asian food is love

keren-photoKeren – Blogger

3B Psychology

  • Can’t live without: cheese
  • Hates drinking: orange juice with pulp
  • Relationship with food: It gets more expensive over time

16009763_10155011392619656_881773581_o.jpgHelen Chen – Blogger

1B  ARBUS Econ

  • Can’t live without: my mom’s stir-fried noodles
  • Hates drinking: any kind of V8
  • Relationship with food: inseperable